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Centric brake pads and rotors

Centric brake pads and rotors

Centric brake pads and rotors now owned by First Brands Group

Centric Parts was acquired by First Brands Group in December 2020. First Brand Group also owns brake parts manufacturer Raybestos as well as FRAM filtration products, LuberFiner filtration products, TRICO wiper blades, ANCO wiper blades, Carter fuel and water pumps, Autolite spark plugs, and StrongArm lift supports.

First Brands Group is a Tier 1 supplier to GM and was awarded the Supplier of the Year in 2020.

First Brands Group’s revenue in 2020 was 2.2 Billion, however, that may not include revenue from the recent Centric and Raybestos acquisitions.

Centric Brake Parts Company (Division of First Brands Group)

Centric Brake Parts sells brake pads and rotors under the Centric®, C-Tek®, Fleet Performance, GCX®, PosiQuiet®, PQ PRO™, StopTech® and TACTICAL™ brand names

Centric’s Qualis Automotive divisions components and systems to OEMs, top retail partners and private label customers

Centric brake pads

Centric PQ PRO Brake Pads — Premium Quality

Centric PQ PRO brake pads are a premium Centric PQ PRO Brake Padsproduct that eliminate brake fade, improved performance and reduced noise.

• PQ PRO brake pads do NOT require a break-in period due to the exclusive Mu500 friction coating that provides an immediate increase in stopping power right out of the box
• Multi-layer shims eliminate noise and vibration
• Eliminates brake fade, improves brake response and reduces excessive noise.
• PQ PRO brake pads is backed by an exclusive One-Year, Centric-Assured 24/7 Roadside Assistance Guarantee.

Centric Posi Quiet Brake Pads — OE Quality Centric Posi Quiet Brake Pads

Available in semi-metallic, ceramic and extended wear formulations

Centric C-Tek Brake Pads — Economy pads

• excellent pad life while producing minimal ctec brake padsbrake dust.

Centric Brake Rotors

Centric GCX Elemental Protection Rotors

Engineered to restore OE performance and provide superior protection from rust and corrosion, even in extreme conditions.
• Advanced RS200 Coating on the non-friction mating surfaces, leaving the friction swept area clean which results in a 20 percent faster pad bed-in and eliminates pad fouling and corrosion rings.
• A full coating on all non-mating surfaces inhibits rust formation and helps provide long-lasting corrosion resistance.
• Double disc ground to eliminate DTV issues
• OE-style vane designs and machined non-friction surfaces to restore OE looks and performance

Centric 121 brake rotor

• Electrostatically applied E-coating finish designed to withstand 400 hours of salt spray exposure without rusting.
• Non-Directional Finishes. Machined non-friction surfaces

Centric 125 brake rotor — Premium high carbon alloy

• proprietary metallurgy that greatly reduces the possibility of pad squeal, especially with higher friction, European style brake pad compounds.
• proprietary Molybdenum and Chromium alloy resists rotor cracking during high performance use and also increases the friction couple improving brake system

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