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Check engine light and P0300 misfire codes on Silverado Sierra

Fix P0300 misfire code on Silverado Sierra

GM has issued a service bulletin #PIP5147A to address a situation where you have a check engine light and retrieve trouble codes relating to a misfire. The trouble codes you may find are P0300 P0351 – P0358 P2300, P2301, P2303, P2304, P2306, P2307, P2309, P2310, P2312, P2313, P2315, P2316, P2318, P2319, P2321, or P2322. The bulletin applies to the vehicles listed

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2014 GMC Sierra 1500

Built with RPOs 4.3L 5.3L L83 LV3

The problem is caused by a faulty coil on plug connector that result in water intrusion and corrosion. Disconnect the connector from the coil and inspect for corrosion.

If you find corrosion, check the pigtail for a faulty pin that’s allowing water into the coil connection. Clean all the corrosion from the coil and pigtail connection and apply a light coating of dielectric grease to the terminals.

To determine whether the coil is still good, move it to another cylinder. Then clear the trouble codes


P0300 misfire on silverado sierra

Corrosion inside the coil on plug ignition coil. Clean and apply dielectric grease


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