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Clean engine carbon deposits

How to clean engine carbon deposits

Engine Carbon deposits cleaning procedure

Buy a top engine cleaning product like GM/AC Delco Upper Engine

engine carbon cleaning procedure

GM Fluid 88861803 Upper Engine and Fuel Injector Cleaner

and Fuel Injector Cleaner and a bottle of Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner. When doing an engine carbon deposits cleaning procedure, both products are MUCH better than Seafoam in my opinion. Do NOT add the upper engine cleaner to the tank. The Chevron Techron is designed to go in the gas tank. Here’s the procedure:

ACDelco 10-3007 Top Engine Cleaner

ACDelco 10-3007 Top Engine Cleaner

Do NOT add ANY top engine cleaner to a vacuum hose!! Yes, I know you’ll see all kinds of advice saying to do that. That procedure can DESTROY your catalytic converter or hydrolock your engine. It is an OBSOLETE procedure. See this post to understand WHY you should never add any cleaner to a vacuum line.

chevron techron

Step by step Engine Carbon deposits cleaning procedure

1.       Buy the GM/AC Delco Upper Engine and Fuel Injector Cleaner in either a bottle or aerosol spray can. If you buy it in a bottle, you’ll have to inject it using a spray bottle.

2.       Warm up the engine and let it idle

3.       Start spraying the liquid into the MAF sensor (this is really important!) and boost the idle to around 1,500 RPM. Continue spraying until the engine stalls. Re-attach the MAF to the air filter box and let the engine sit for at least two hours.

4.       Start up the engine. You’ll see lots of smoke. See how it runs. If it’s still rough, do a second treatment.

5.       Add the Chevron Techron to the gas tank, following the directions on the bottle.

6.       Drive the vehicle.

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