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Coronavirus car cleaning tips

Coronavirus car cleaning tips

Car owners are rightly concerned about the Coronavirus so they’re cleaning the interior, especially the steering wheel and console with disinfectant spray cleaners. Great idea for your health, BAD idea for your car’s delicate switches. A single direct spray of cleaner can wipe out a master window switch, horn switch, or your steering wheel cruise, radio, phone switches. Sure, you’re cleaning your car but you’re also cleaning out your wallet. Here are some Coronavirus car cleaning tips to help you avoid switch damage.

Coronavirus car cleaning Tip #1: No bleach

Bleach wipes are ok for your kitchen, but they’re not good for the plastic surfaces in your car. Bleach not only lightens colors, but it also corrodes some metals. So no bleach anywhere on plastics or switches. There are many other disinfecting agents that are safe for use on plastics.

Coronavirus car cleaning Tip #2: Use a damp cloth or wipe to clean your steering wheel and switches

NEVER spray any kind of cleaner directly on any switch on your steering wheel. Instead, spray a microfiber cloth or use a damp (not soaking wet) wipe to clean the wheel and switch buttons. Do not soak the cloth; you want to avoid getting any liquid into the switch.

Coronavirus car cleaning Tip #3 Use a damp cloth or wipes to clean your console

Just like your steering wheel, your console contains electrical switches that can be damaged with a direct spray of a cleaning solution. Use a damp cleaning wipe or spray your cleaning spray directly onto a microfiber towel before wiping the console.

Coronavirus car cleaning Tip #4 Avoid spraying your door panels and dash trim

Many coronavirus cleaning agents contain alcohol that can attack and dissolve the adhesives used in your door panels and dash trim. You can use disinfectants with alcohol, but don’t saturate the surface. Instead, spray the cleaner on a wipe or towel. Do not spray cleaners directly onto your door panels, door switches or dash trim panels.

Coronavirus car cleaning Tip #5 No harsh cleaners on your upholstered seats

The driver and passenger seats and seat belt buckles contain electrical switches. Just like the switches on your steering wheel, console, and door panels, these switches can be damaged by liquid spray cleaners. Instead, wipe them down with sanitizing wipes.

Steering wheel switch replacement cost

Carmakers usually build steering wheel controls as a single unit, meaning you often can’t replace a single switch; you have to replace the entire switch cluster. Replacing the steering wheel switch assembly can cost between $400 to $1,500 on some luxury cars.

Power window switch replacement cost

A replacement switch for a 2010 Mazda CX-7 is $210.00 plus about $125.00 labor, a pretty hefty price to pay due to a squirt of disinfectant.

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