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Engine coolant – Warning for Chrysler vehicles

Using the wrong engine coolant – Chrysler

Using the wrong engine coolant in your new Chrysler product can cause big problems. A Chrysler technical service bulletin (07-004-12) contains a coolant warning. The warning pertains to all 2013 and new Chrysler vehicles except those equipped with the 2.2-liter and 2.0-liter diesel engines. The new coolant is purple Organic Additive Technology (OAT) and is specifically NOT compatible with other coolant technologies. The purple Chrysler coolant

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Chrysler warns against using the wrong engine coolant

is good for 10-years or 150,000 miles. Topping off or adding any engine coolant other than the correct Chrysler coolant can cause accelerated corrosion within the engine and cooling system, cause the coolant to have an ammonia smell, cause particles to float in the coolant. Chrysler warns that using wrong coolant can also cause aluminum pipes to turn black and leak and can also cause engine overheating.

If you add any other coolant to the system, you must perform a complete flush and fill to rid the system of the incompatible coolant. The bulletin also states that Chrysler vehicles should not, under any circumstances be filled with orange or pink coolant.

Chrysler isn’t the only manufacturer to issue bulletins like this. All the car makers are finding contamination issues from people using the wrong coolant. Don’t ever switch to a different coolant.

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