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Engine dies when using turn signals

Engine dies when using turn signals

Some late 90’s and early 2000 GM vehicles exhibit a problem where the engine dies when using turn signals. This engine dies when using turn signals can be a real hairpulling experience because it can be intermittent and drive you nuts. Plus, it seems like somebody just pulled the plug on the power to the engine. Make you did. Instead of tracking down endless dead ends, head right for the ignition switch. These IGN switches are known for their intermittent problems. The turn signals are switched power from the IGN switch and if the switch is on the edge, the sudden drain from the turn signals can be enough to break contact through the already weak electrical contacts. That may cut off power to the PCM. If you want to spend time tracking it down, get a wiring diagram and check for a loss of power when you activate the turn signals. Or, buy a new ignition switch and try it. They fail often enough that it’s almost worth throwing this fairly inexpensive part at it.

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GM ignition switches can shut down power to the engine simply by using the turn signals

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