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Enhanced flooded battery — EFM battery definition

EFB battery

An enhanced flooded battery (EFB battery) is an enhanced version of the traditional flooded lead-acid battery. It’s used in vehicles with stop/start functionality to improve starting and standby power and to accommodate regenerative braking recharging.

EFB battery advantages over flooded lead-acid battery

Provides up to 85,000 starts compared to only about 30,000 provided by flooded lead-acid batteries.

Provides up to 30% more cranking power than a flooded lead-acid battery.

Overcomes the problem of acid stratification that results from long period of disuse. EFB batteries contain tubes and passageways that allow the water/acid combination to remix during vehicle movement.

Allows for rapid discharge and recharge

EFB battery performance is a compromise between flooded lead-acid and AGM

Enhanced flooded batteries are designed to save money. They perform better than a standard flooded lead-acid battery, but not as well as an AGM battery. If your vehicle was equipped with an EFB battery, you must replace it with an EFB battery. Installing a standard flooded lead-acid battery in a stop/start vehicle will result in much shorter battery life — as short as six months!




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