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Fix a leaking oil pan gasket

Can you fix a leaking oil pan gasket with RTV?

Replacing a leaking oil pan gasket can be an expensive repair costing almost $1,000 for some engines. Many DIYers want to know if they can patch an existing oil pan gasket by cover the leak with RTV or some other sealant. The answer is, maybe

Which leaking oil pan gaskets can be fixed using RTV?

Older engines with neoprene or composite (cork and neoprene) oil pan gaskets can sometimes be fixed using RTV. However, proper preparation is critical.


Preparation steps before applying RTV to the leaking oil pan gasket

• Drain the oil
• Using aerosol brake cleaner, clean off exterior of the oil pan
• Inject aerosol brake cleaner into the breach of the leaking gasket. Allow the brake cleaner to drip out of the oil pan. The goal is to get a clean dry surface for the RTV to cling to. Let all the solvent evaporate
• Inject fast curing RTV into the breach in the oil pan gasket and to the recently cleaned exterior surface of the oil pan surrounding the gasket.

Which oil pan gaskets can’t be fixed using RTV?

Silicone gasket leaks cannot be fixed with RTV. The RTV will not stick to the silicone

RTV sealant leaks cannot be fixed with more RTV. New RTV will not stick to old RTV

leaking oil pan gasket

Leaking pan gasket

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