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Gasoline in a diesel vehicle

Gasoline in a diesel vehicle

What to do if you add gasoline to a diesel vehicle

DO NOT start your engine or attempt to drive your diesel vehicle if you’ve filled it with gasoline!

If you mistakenly add gasoline to a diesel vehicle and start the engine, you can cause major damage to the fuel system and engine, costing thousands of dollars.

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What does gasoline do to a diesel vehicle?

Gasoline can damage the diesel fuel injection pump and the diesel fuel injectors in your car or truck. Gasoline lacks the lubricating qualities of diesel fuel and that’s what damages the pump and injectors.

In addition, gasoline can cause damage to the pistons and rods because gasoline has a much faster burn rate than diesel and builds pressure much faster.

What the shop will do to remove the gasoline

The shop will drain the gasoline from the tank and flush all the fuel lines and injectors. The shop will most likely have to replace the fuel filter/separator, pump and possibly the injectors.

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