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Honda code P1298

Honda code P1298

If you own a late ‘90’s Honda Civic and have issues with Honda code P1298, P0135, and P0141 occurring at the same time do NOT start replacing parts. The real cause is a chafed wiring harness. The chafing occurs below the intake manifold where it rubs against the metal support bracket from the block to the manifold. This location is just to the right of the oil filter. If you remove the bracket, check for small breaks in the insulation on 2 wires. Also, you may find a blown fuse for the vehicle speed sensor or speedometer in the under dash fuse block. That blows from the short circuit caused by the wires shorting.


If you discover the chafing, repair the wires and install a piece of heater hose around the bracket to eliminate future problems.


P1298- Electrical Load Output Circuit High

P0135 – B1S1 O2 Heater problem

P0141- B1S2 O2 Heater problem


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