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Honda radio code

How to get a Honda radio unlock code

When you disconnect the battery cables on a Honda vehicle, you’ll lose the Honda radio code. The radio code came with the vehicle and is usually placed in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have that and need to get a Honda radio code, here are several ways to get it.

First, get the serial number from the radio. Here’s how:

1) Turn key to ON

2) Hold down radio station buttons 1 & 6 and then the radio power button.

3) The display will show the letter “U” and several digits. This is the upper portion of the serial number. The display will then show the letter “L” and display the lower portion of the serial number.

4) Go to http://radio-navicode.honda.com and enter your VIN number and radio serial number along with any owner information, OR

5) Call the Honda dealer parts department and give them your VIN and radio serial number to get the Honda radio code.

To enter the code:

1)     Turn key to ON

2)     Turn on radio and wait until the word “CODE” appears.

3)     Enter the Honda radio code on the radio station buttons. If you enter the right code, the radio will operate properly.

To avoid losing the radio code in the future, use a jumper pack and adapter cable to retain power to the PCM and all internal computers. Buy the Solar ESA30 OBD memory saver cable.

OBDII power saver cable

Solar ESA30 OBDII Memory Saver Cable

With the battery still connected, connect the cigarette lighter portion to the socket on your booster pack. Then insert the other cable end into the OBDII connector under your dash. You now have battery power flowing into the vehicle.

Next, remove the negative battery cable and set it aside. Then remove the positive battery cable and insert it into a plastic, leather, or rubber non-conductive item. This positive battery lead is LIVE and will short to any metal surface, so you MUST insulate it. But open a pop bottle, shove the terminal into it and tape it in place with electrical tape. OR, insert it into a leather glove and tape the glove closed. Then move the cable away from the battery while you remove and replace the battery.

jumper pack, battery booster, jump start pack

Jumper pack


Install the positive terminal onto the new battery first, followed by the negative cable. Then remove the memory saver cable from the OBDII port. This procedure will save the radio code, retain all the computer’s adaptive memory, retain throttle body position settings, HVAC settings, anti-theft settings, and radio codes.

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