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Hyundai no crank, P0705, 17-AT-005

Hyundai no crank, P0705, 17-AT-005

Diagnose and fix Hyundai no crank and P0705, P0706, P0707, P0708 trouble codes

Hyundai has issued a service bulletin 17-AT-005 to address a no crank issue on the vehicles listed below. In addition to the no start, the vehicle may have any of these Hyundai codes: P0705, P0706, P0707, P0708. The symptoms also include:

• Check engine light
• 4th gear fail safe,
• No gear indication in cluster,
• Intermittent no crank in P or N

Vehicles affected by Hyundai 17-AT-005 service bulletin

2012 Accent (RB)
2011 Azera (TG)
2012-Azera (HG)
2011-16 Elantra (MD/UD)
2013-14 Elantra Coupe (JK)
2013-17 Elantra GT (GD)
2018  Elantra GT (PD)
2017 Elantra (AD/ADa) 2.0L
2018 Elantra (PD) 2.0L
2007-12 Santa Fe (CM)
2013 Santa Fe (AN/NC)
2011-14 Sonata (YF)
2015 Sonata (LF) 2.0T/2.4L
2011-15 Sonata (YF HEV)
2015 Sonata (LF HEV/PHEV)
2010-15 Tucson (LM)
2016 Tucson (TL) 2.0L
2013-14 Veloster Turbo (FS)

Diagnose Hyundai no crank

Connect scan tool and switch to live data to monitor shift lever switch
Turn IGN key to ON or push start button two times without brake pedal.
Move shift lever through all gears and watch shift lever switch in live data
Check cluster to see gear selection
If you don’t see live data indicate gear switch or don’t see gears change on cluster,
Check TCU and TCU2 fuse in the junction box in engine compartment
Check rear light ground.

If the fuses and ground are good, replace the inhibitor switch located on the top of the transmission.

To replace Hyundai inhibitor switch

Remove air cleaner and battery
Disconnect inhibitor switch connector and check for bent pins
If the wiring harness and connector show no signs of chaffing or disconnected pins, replace the inhibitor switch.

hyundai inhibitor switch
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