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Is fuel injector cleaning service necessary?

Is fuel injector cleaning service necessary?

For most engines, a routine periodic fuel injector cleaning service is worthless and a waste of money

If your vehicle is running well but the shop recommends a fuel injector cleaning service, be aware that most car maker don’t recommend routine periodic  fuel injector cleaning. If fact, GM has issued a service bulletin #04-06-04-051D to address the issue of unnecessary routine fuel injector cleaning. Read it for yourselves here

“General Motors is aware that some companies are marketing tools, equipment and programs to support fuel injector cleaning as a preventative maintenance procedure. General Motors does not endorse, support or acknowledge the need for fuel injector cleaning as a preventative maintenance procedure.

Fuel injector cleaning is approved only when performed as directed by a published GM driveability DTC diagnostic service procedure. Due to variation in fuel quality in different areas of the country, the only preventative maintenance currently endorsed by GM regarding its gasoline engine fuel systems is the addition of GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS added to a tank of fuel at each oil change.

fuel injector cleaningRegular use of a TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline as recommended in the owner’s manual will help prevent the build-up of intake valve and fuel injector deposits. A complete list of TOP TIER fuel retailers can befound at www.toptiergas.com.

U.S. 88861013 (for U.S. ACDelco, use 10-3003) GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS 20 oz Bottle (Treats up to 20 gallons of fuel)
U.S. 88861262 (for U.S. ACDelco, use 10-3004) GM Fuel System Treatment PLUS 12 oz Bottle (Treats up to 12 gallons of fuel)

Do fuel injectors ever need fuel injector cleaning service?

In some cases, a fuel injector can get clogged, and cleaning can help. But you would notice that in your driving.

• Your vehicle would have less power

• You’d have trouble starting, along with a rough idle and poor gas mileage.

Those are the symptoms of a clogged or leaking fuel injector. If you’re having any of those symptoms AND the shop has performed a diagnostic and identified clogged or leaking fuel injectors as the cause, THEN you should try a fuel injector cleaning service.

Because Top Tier gasoline already contains fuel injector cleaners. The typical “preventative” or “routine” fuel injector cleaning procedure costs between $100 and $150 at service facilities. Worse yet, the shops promoting fuel injector cleaning are recommending the procedure every 24,000 miles.

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