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Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning

A Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system monitors your vehicle’s position within the driving lane and alerts you as your vehicle approaches or crosses lane markings without your turn signal and lane change feature activated. In those cases where you haven’t activated either the turn signal or lane change feature, the system assumes you are inadvertently drifting out of your lane and alerts you to avoid an accident or collision.

How Does Lane Departure Warning System Work?

A LDW system uses at least one camera in your vehicle to see and track lane markings on the road. The camera detects when your car is drifting out of its lane, and sends an audio or visual alert the driver.

LDW systems have been proven to reduce the risk of accidents or collisions in which one car strikes another in an adjoining lane. These incidents may involve “sideswiping” another vehicle that is traveling in the same direction as your vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning Predictions

An International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS) study examined the potential impact of LDW technology in the years to come. The study indicated that if an LDW system are installed in every vehicle by 2045, the system could prevent up to 66.5% of single-vehicle lane departure crashes.

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