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Lubricate sway bar bushings

Should you lubricate sway bar bushings?

DIYers and even some pros always ask if they should lubricate sway bar bushings. It’s a good idea.  As sway bar bushingsthe vehicle encounters bumps and body weight shift, the sway bar rotates slightly in the bushings. Over time this wears out the bushings and creates noise. In some cases, a new bushing may make noise right way due to its tight contact with the sway bar.

What lubricants should you use to lubricate sway bar bushings?

Avoid all petroleum based lubricants as they can degrade the rubber material. That leaves two choices; a silicone based grease or dry Teflon spray. The advantage of silicone grease is that it tends to stay in place and not wash off. But the downside is that it attracts and holds road grit, turning the grease into sandpaper that accelerates bushing wear.

Dry Teflon spray, on the other hand, lubricates well and doesn’t

Aerosol can of dry Teflon lubricant for lubricating car door locks to prevent freezing

Prevent car door lock freezing with an application of dry teflon lube

attract road grit. But it does wash off, so you’ll have to repeat the applications.

How to apply dry Teflon lube to sway bar bushings

Dry Teflon lube spray must be shaken before application. That mixes the Teflon powder with the solvent. Spray a generous amount on the sway bar bushing and let it dry. Once the solvent evaporates, it will leave a white Teflon powder in the bushing.

Find dry Teflon lube at any hardware store.

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