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Nissan low power

Nissan low power between 0-40MPH


If you own a Maxima and have a Nissan low power 0-40MPH, Nissan has issued a service bulletin Classification: BR11-004 reference: NTB11-089 to address the problem. Many shops have been replacing the CVT transmission only to find it doesn’t solve the problem.


The bulletin applies to all 2007-12 Nissan Maxima vehicles. The symptom appears as low power in the 0-40MPH range, but acceleration is normal above that speed. No trouble codes are stored in the computer.


Nissan has determined that the problem originates with the ABS wheel speed sensors.

wheel speed sensor

Wheel speed sensor

It could be a bad sensor, wiring, or debris on

ABS tone ring

Check for rust or debris on the tone ring that could interfere with the signal

the tone ring creating a weak or erratic signal which the computer interprets and a slipping wheel. In response, the computer cuts power and/or applies the ABS brakes. The killer is that this problem SHOULD set a trouble code and turn on your ABS light, but it doesn’t for some reason (WTF Nissan?)

ABS wiring harness

Check for any evidence of fraying or damage to the ABS wiring harness


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