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Fix code P0110 Intake Air Temperature Circuit Malfunction

The Intake Air Temperature sensor installs in the air duct from the air filter up to the throttle body. Or, in some makes, it installs in the upper intake manifold. intake air temperature sensor, how to test intake air temperature sensor, free wiring diagramThe sensor is a variable resistance sensor that modifies the voltage applied to it based on the temperature of the incoming air. These are usually two-wire sensor with one wire providing a reference voltage and the other wire as ground. The PCM monitors the voltage on the reference wire.

To test the sensor, remove the electrical connector and attach a digital multimeter to read the ohms. This is a typical resistance/temperature chart for a GM vehicle. Check a service manual to get the chart for your particular vehicle. intake air temperature versus resistance, test intake air temperature sensor, P0110Compare your reading to the under-hood temperature taken another thermometer. If the resistance reading is off, remove the sensor and check the airflow ports to make sure they are not clogged. You can also try cleaning the sensor with spray MAF sensor cleaner. If it still doesn’t check out, replace it.


A P0110 code means that the PCM cannot get a reading from the intake air temperature sensor. This is the type of code that usually means a wiring fault, rather than a bad sensor. However, check the sensor first.

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