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P0441 Kia

Diagnose and fix P0441 Kia

A P0441 trouble code on a Kia means the ECM has detected an incorrect purge flow. Purge flow is part of the evaporative emissions system. When you fill up the tank, the fuel vapors are collected by the charcoal canister. When you start the engine, the ECM commands a purge operation to pull the vapor out of the canister and burn it in the engine. The ECM monitors the purge flow rate by checking the voltage on the fuel tank pressure sensor (FTPS).


Fix for P0441 Kia

If you’re like most DIYers, you’ll get the P0441 EVAP Emission System

P0441 Kia purge valve

Purge Valve

Incorrect Purge Flow and automatically replace the purge valve. Makes sense. In many cases that fixes the problem. But if the P0441 code returns, DON’T replace the purge valve a second time. You have to understand how the system works to really diagnose it.

P0441 and the fuel tank pressure sensor

As I said above, the ECM determines proper purge flow by watching the FTPS reading. The FTPS measures vacuum pressure in the tank compared to atmospheric air pressure. At 0-psi, the FTPS voltage should be at least 2.5-volts. At -0.54-psi FTPS pressure should read 0.5-volts and at +0.54-psi, the FTPS voltage should read 4.5-volts. Start your diagnostics by checking the FTPS voltage reading at idle. Use live data on your scan tool or backprobe the +5V reference signal, ground and FTPS reading at the FTPS connector. If you don’t see +5V reference or good ground, fix those problems before proceeding. Then check the FTPS read. It MUST be 2.5v. If it is more or less, the FTPS sensor is bad and must be replaced.

P0441 Kia

FTPS Connector pinout

Install FTPS sensor and restest

The FTPS is located at the top of the tank on the fuel pump module. Access the FTPS from

Fuel Tank Pressure Switch

the back seat. Remove the FTPS by removing the two retaining screws. Insert the new sensor and connect the hose. Clear the trouble codes and compete a drive cycle.

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