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P1172 Honda Acura or P2A00

Fix code P1172, P2A00 – Honda 2005-08

If you have a check engine light and either of these two trouble codes P1172 Honda, P2A00 Honda, P1172 Acura, P2A00 Acura on the vehicles shown below, this might be your fix.

Honda has issued a TSB to correct a problem where high moisture content present in the exhaust on warm startup may damage the air/fuel sensor 1.

oxygen sensor, air fuel sensor, air fuel ratio sensor

Air fuel ratio sensor

P1172 – air/fuel sensor 1 circuit out of range

P2A00 air/fuel sensor 1 circuit range/performance problem

Honda has come up with a software fix and a new air/fuel sensor to correct the problem. Do NOT simply change the air/fuel sensor for an aftermarket product. Get the newer Honda part and pay a shop to install updated software to prevent further damage.

Here are the new part numbers

Accord ……36531-RAA-A02, H/C 7548092

Civic………36531-RNA-A01, H/C 8048134

Civic Hybrid…36531-RMX-A01, H/C 8205924

CR-V………36531-PPA-003, H/C 7843626

Fit M/T……..36531-RME-305, H/C 9182809

Fit A/T……..36531-RME-306, H/C 9182817

S2000………36531-PZX-003, H/C 8199630

S2000……. 2.006.012 or later

These are the vehicles affected


2006-07 Accord L4 2-door

2006-07 Accord L4 4-door A/T (KA)

2006-07 Accord L4 4-door A/T (KL)

2006-07 Accord L4 4-door M/T

2006 Civic A/T

2006 Civic M/T

2006 Civic Hybrid

2005 CR-V A/T 2WD

2005 CR-V A/T 4WD

2005 CR-V M/T

2006 CR-V A/T 2WD

2006 CR-V A/T 4WD

2006 CR-V M/T

2007 Fit A/T exc. Sport

2007 Fit A/T Sport

2007 Fit M/T

2006-07 S2000


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