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Prevent frozen car doors

How to prevent frozen car doors in winter

Water can seep between the weatherstrip and door causing the door to freeze shut in winter. Here’s how to prevent frozen car doors and eliminate torn weatherstripping.

Coat weatherstripping and car doors with silicone or Teflon

Buy a can of aerosol silicon or dry Teflon lube spray at any hardware or home center store. Avoid cheap brands because they’re mostly solvent with very little active ingredients. Brands like Liquid Wrench or PB Blaster silicone and dry Teflon lube contain a much higher

silicone spray to prevent frozen car doors

Use a high quality name brand silicone spray

percentage of silicone and Teflon. The cheap sprays are almost 80% solvent and won’t solve your frozen door problem.

Apply the lube to a cloth and wipe on weatherstripping and doors

Don’t spray directly onto the foam weatherstripping. The solvent can make some foam weatherstripping swell up. Instead, spray a heavy spray onto a rag. Let the rag sit in the open for a few minutes to allow the solvent to evaporate. THEN wipe the silicone onto the weather stripping. The weather stripping should look wet. If not, apply more spray to the rag.

apply lubricant to door weather stripping and door jambs

Prevent frozen car door seals by coating them with silicone spray. Apply the spray to a rag and then wipe the silicone onto the weather stripping©, 2016 Rick Muscoplat





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