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Program a new FORD key

Program FORD key

You can buy extra transponder keys online and Program FORD key yourself program new key, program new ford key, program transponder keyas long as the vehicle was originally programmed to accept spare keys. If it was, you can add keys as long as you already have two working keys.

1. Insert the first working key into the ignition cylinder. Turn the key from OFF to RUN and keep in RUN for 3-secs.

2. Turn ignition to OFF and remove the first key.

3. Within seconds of removing the first key, insert the second working key and turn the ignition switch from OFF to RUN. Hold in RUN for 3-secs.

4. Turn ignition switch OFF and remove second working key.

5. Within 20 seconds from turning the second key OFF, insert the unprogrammed key
RUN for three seconds).

4. Turn the ignition switch to OFF and remove the second key from the ignition lock cylinder.

5. Within 20 seconds of turning the ignition lock cylinder to OFF, insert the new unprogrammed ignition key into the lock cylinder and turn from OFF to RUN and start the vehicle.

6. If you want to program additional keys, start the procedure from the beginning.


A) If the programming is successful, the new key will start the vehicle and you’ll see the THEFT light flash for about 3-secs.
B) If the programming ISN’T successful, the new key won’t start the vehicle and the THEFT light will flash. If that happens, leave the key in the ignition in the RUN position for at least 30-secs. Before starting the procedure again from step 1.
C). If spare key is enabled, you can program up to eight keys. If you want more than that, you must use a scan tool to reset the key mode to UNLIMITED.


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