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Replace broken side view mirror

How to replace a broken side view mirror

So you’ve got a broken side view mirror. If it’s just the glass you can purchase glass replacement. But if the mirror case or mounting is broken you’ll have to replace it. Don’t worry, you can fix that yourself. The first step is replace a broken side view mirror is to determine whether it’s just a manual or power mirror, whether it has blind spot monitoring capabilities and whether it’s a heated mirror. You’ll need that information when you order a replacement side view mirror online.

broken side view mirror

The only way to fix this is to replace the entire mirror assembly. Gluing this back together will NOT last

If it’s just broken glass, purchase replacement side view mirror glass

Any impact can break the side view mirror glass. But that

shattered side view mirror glass

You can replace just the glass on this broken side view mirror

doesn’t mean you have to replace the entire mirror. Many companies sell replacement glass.

Start by examining the mirror to determine whether the glass is glued to the power motor plate or whether it is mounted in its own frame. If you’re not sure, check online with the sources listed below to see if the replacement glass is sold with just the glass or the glass already glued into a frame.

If your side view mirror glass is glued to the power window plate

You’ll have to remove the broken pieces and scrape off the adhesive before you can install new glass, which is the hardest part of the job.

Wear eye protection and leather gloves. Use a small pry bar and cover the floor with a tarp to collect the broken shards as they break off. Use a putty knife to scrape off the old adhesive.

If your side view mirror is glued into a frame

Don’t bother removing the broken pieces. Instead, unsnap unsnap broken side view mmirror glass

the frame from the power mirror motor assembly. If you’re unsure how the frame unsnaps from the mirror head, consult a shop manual. See these options for shop manuals.

Purchase replacement side view mirror glass

Purchase side view mirror glass online

Most online auto parts stores sell replacement side view mirror glass replacements. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for. If your side view mirror is

replacment side view mirror glass

Framed side view mirror glass

heated, has turn signal indicators, is auto-dimming or includes blind spot detection warning

side view mirror glass

Some glass is sold without the frame

lights, you must replace the glass with the correct version. If you order the wrong glass, you’ll have to pay return shipping

Purchase side view mirror glass from a local auto parts store or local auto glass company

You’ll pay more from these sources but won’t have to pay for return shipping if you ordered the wrong glass.

Replacement side view mirror glass cost

Plan glass can cost as little as $15 while heated, auto-dimming and glass with turn signal and lane departure warning lights can cost as much as $150—glass only.
Install new side view mirror glass

Installing plain glass into side view mirror

Some replacement glass comes with tape. Do NOT rely on glue replacment side view mirror glass to mirror headdouble-sticky backed tape. It will fail after a few years and the glass will fall off. Purchase glass adhesive or rubber adhesive from any auto parts store to attach the mirror. Do NOT use household silicone adhesive; it won’t stand up to the elements.

Framed glass

Snap the new glass into the power mirror head

Replace complete broken side view mirror

Here’s the deal with replacing a broken side view mirror assembly. You can buy OEM mirror assemblies from the dealer and pay a small fortune or buy a far less expensive aftermarket replacement from online sellers. Either way, you’re going to have to paint the mirror yourself or pay a body shop to paint it for you. NOBODY sells new prepainted mirrors. If you don’t want to deal with painting the mirror, you can leave it plain plastic, or you can search online junk yards for a used mirror in the right color.

Make sure the replacement mirror assembly has the same features as the broken mirror, like auto-dimming, heated, turn or blind spot signal lights, etc.

Painting a replacement side view mirror

Replacement mirrors should be primed with a plastic compatible primer. Start by masking off the glass with painter’s tape. Then wipe the plastic with alcohol to remove fingerprints before painting. Hang the mirror in a dust free location and apply the primer coat. Wait for it to dry before proceeding with the paint.
Purchase a small can of spray touch up paint using your vehicle’s color code and apply over the primer. Wait the recommended “flash time” and then apply a clear coat layer. Let the paint dry completely before installing the new mirror.

Installing a replacement side view mirror

Consult a shop manual if you’re not sure how to remove the old mirror. In most cases, you simply unsnap the interior trim from the door frame. That gives you access to two or three mirror mounting bolts. Remove the bolts and the broken mirror will be free.

Connecting the mirror’s electrical connectors

Depending on the vehicle, the electrical connectors may be accessible without removing the door trim panel. However, other vehicles require you to remove the trim panel to access the connectors. In that case, consult a shop manual to locate the door trim panel fasteners.

Replacing a side view mirror isn’t hard, but a shop manual makes the job much easier.

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