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When to replace cabin air filter

When to replace cabin air filter?

There is no set timetable or mileage on when to replace a cabin air filter because no one knows how often you turn on the blower in your vehicle and no one knows how dusty/dirty the air is in your area. But there are certain rules of thumb about how important it is to check or change your cabin air filter before the Spring and Winter seasonal changes.

There are also no scientifically proven ways to inspect a cabin air filter by color. A cabin filter can look dirty, grey or brown but still pass the required amount of air.

So you’ll have determine by the amount of debris.

What happens when you don’t change your cabin air filter?

Just like a clogged furnace filter, a clogged

Cabin air filter

Cabin air filter catches all the debris from fresh air, like leaves, dust, and pollen

cabin air filter reduces airflow across the heater core or AC evaporator core. That reduces heating and cooling. In the summer, a clogged cabin air filter will cause your AC to run more often to keep you cool, and that will reduce your gas mileage and put added wear on the AC system. Worse than that, however, is the fact that the clogged air filter puts a strain on the blower motor, causing higher than average current draw and premature blower motor failure. In other words, you can damage the blower motor by not changing the cabin air filter.

Check the cabin air filter before AC season

Engines produce more soot in cold weather and your cabin air filter has been collecting all that extra soot through the winter. So it’s important to check/change the cabin air filter before AC season starts.

Check the cabin air filter before winter

Summer pollen and bugs will clog your cabin air filter, so will the leaves of Fall. You need full airflow to properly defrost your windshield and keep yourself warm in the winter.

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