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Saturn Vue No Power Steering

Saturn Vue No Power Steering,no shift, no throttle response

If you’re a Saturn Vue owner and encounter a Saturn Vue No Power Steering issue, this may help you. Shops are finding that a bad electrical connection can cause a Saturn Vue No Power Steering problem as well as a Saturn no shift, no throttle response, multiple warning lights on dash, and multiple trouble codes like:


P0122, P0452, P2125, P0502, P0223, P2122, P2127, P2128 EPS

B3400, B0936, B1327

U3111, U3FDD, U0101, U0140, U1000, U1016, U1096 BCM, U2105, U2106 TCM no

communication with scan tool


Check the electrical connector C102 located behind the underhood fuse box. It’s a lever lock style connector that can break and disrupt power to the transmission control module, electronic throttle body, and electronic power steering. Since it disrupts power, it also results in communication “U’ error codes.

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