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Subaru electronic parking brake light is on

If your Subaru electronic parking brake light is on, here’s the fix

Normally the Subaru electronic parking brake warning light means the parking brake is on or there’s a problem with the system. But Subaru has discovered another problem; a cracked connector at the electronic parking brake actuator. When that happens your Subaru electronic parking brake light is on full time.

Subaru has found that a broken locking tab on the parking brake connector is the cause of the problem

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #06-87-224 to address a crack formation on the electrical connector lock tabs for the electronic parking brake. This can cause an un-secure harness connection at the electronic parking brake actuator resulting in an EPB warning light.

Vehicles affected by service bulletin Subaru service bulletin #06-87-224

2015-18 Legacy and Outback
2015-18 WRX with CVT

Fix for cracked electrical connector locking tabs

Subaru has issued a fix kit #X9904AL110 that includes the new parts listed below

subaru parking brake connector location
Subaru has extended the warranty to cover cracked EPB connectors

The service bulletin includes and extended warranty of 15 years and unlimited mileage on these connectors.

This fix is not a recall. But if you have the warning light and it’s diagnosed as a cracked connector, take the vehicle to your Subaru dealer for the free fix.

The replacement parts have different colors. The old connector has an orange silicone ring seal and a gray terminal protection assurance lock. The replacement has a blue silicone ring seal and a white terminal protection assurance lock.

parking brake connector
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