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Subaru Ignition coil fuse

Subaru Ignition coil fuse recall

Subaru has issued an NHTSA recall #19V-743 to fix a Subaru ignition coil fuse and ignition coil issue on certain 2017-20 vehicles. Subaru has identified faulty ECM software that keeps the ignition coil powered longer than planned, even after the engine has been shut down. The extended power causes the Subaru ignition coil to overheat and short circuit, when then blows the Subaru ignition coil fuse for that circuit.

If the short circuit appears while the vehicle is in operation, the engine may stall and cannot be restarted. This results in a safety risk. The driver can detect a failing ignition coil with engine vibration and engine misfire that occurs as the ignition coil fails.

Subaru vehicles affected by the recall

Subaru is recalling a total of 466,225 Subaru Impreza vehicles. The problem affects 68,965 4-door Impreza vehicles made between Aug 3, 2016-Jun 19-2019 and 139,597 station wagons made between JUL 28, 2016 – JUN 21, 2019.

The recall also includes 257,663 Subaru Crosstrek vehicles made between MAY 09, 2017 – MAY 08, 2018

Fix for Subaru shorted ignition coil fuse

Subaru will reprogram the vehicle’s ECM with new software, replace the ignition coil and fuse. If the technician notes a certain undisclosed trouble code, the dealer will also replace the front exhaust pipe that may have been damaged from an overheated catalytic converter.

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