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Subaru oil change intervals for turbo engines

Subaru oil change intervals for turbo equipped engines

Subaru oil change warning bulletin for turbo equipped engines

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #02-110-10R dealing with Subaru oil change intervals on all turbo equipped engines on 2010 and prior model years. Subaru has determined that lack of oil changes is the #1 cause of expensive turbo failures. Subaru specifies that the oil on turbo equipped engines MUST BE CHANGED every 3,750 miles EVEN if you use synthetic oil! On 2011 and later turbo equipped engines, oil MUST BE CHANGED every 7,500 miles! Synthetic oil is recommended for all turbo equipped engines.

What happens if you don’t change oil at the recommended intervals?

Turbos run hot and that degrades oil faster—even synthetic oil. If you don’t change your oil according to Subaru’s schedule, you risk oil gelling, which everyone else calls “sludge,” and carbon deposits caused by the high heat. The deposits WILL clog oil passages, resulting in excessive wear due to lack of lubrications.

In addition, extended oil changes can result in a clogged mesh screen located in the banjo bolt that secures the turbocharger oil supply pipe to the back of the right cylinder head. When that happens, the turbocharged will fail. The clogged mesh screen will also cause damage to Active Valve Control System (AVCS).

What oil to use in a Subaru turbo equipped engine

The bulletin also emphasizes that you MUST use synthetic oil of the same classification, viscosity and grade shown in this Owner’s Manual, and you MUST follow the oil and filter changing intervals shown in the maintenance

What fails in Subaru turbos when you don’t change oil often enough?

Examples of damage caused by inadequate lubrication in a Subaru turbo equipped engine:

• Damage to the turbine center shaft bearing causing radial movement of the shaft. That radial movement allows the compressor impellers to contact the housing, causing turbo failure. In addition to requiring turbo replacement, this improper maintenance will also require a complete engine flush to remove deposits. Failure to flush will cause a repeat failure.

subaru oil change

Subaru turbo damaged due to extended oil change intervals

Subaru turbocharger replacement cost

If you fail to follow Subaru oil change guidelines and destroy your turbo, here’s the Subaru turbocharger replacement cost.

• Genuine Subaru Turbocharger $1,300

• Labor to install new turbocharger: approximately $400 (3 hours shop time.)

• Rebuilt turbocharger approx $700


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