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Symptoms of a bad blower motor

Symptoms of a bad blower motor — top 3 symptoms

#1 Blower motor squeals when you turn it on

Blower motors are made with inexpensive brass sleeve bearings. As they wear, and before they fail completely, they make a high pitched squealing noise. In some cases, the squeal only appears when you first start the blower motor. It then quiets down as the bearing heats up. In other cases, the squeal never goes away. If you don’t replace the motor soon, it will stop working altogether.

Drill hole near blower motor bearing and add oil

QUICK FIX for a squealing blower motor: Drill a small hole

Use a small 1/16″ drill bit and drill a hold in the metal bearing housing. Then inject several drops of lightweight oil. 3-in-1 oil works best. WD-40 doesn’t work nearly as well. This is a temporary fix and may get you through a few months of use before you can find the time to replace the entire blower motor.

#2 Blower motor doesn’t spin unless you smack it

This is an indication of a worn brushes, worn armature or a worn bearing. Smacking the blower motor jars the armature enough to get it off of a dead portion. It will eventually stop working completely. Replace the blower motor.

#3 Blower motor keeps burning out the blower motor resistor or blowing the blower motor fuse

A worn bearing will cause the blower motor to draw too much current. That will cause the blower motor resistor to fail, and in severe cases, it will cause the blower motor fuse to blow. Replace the blower motor.

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