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ABS, TCS OFF, Service Stabilitrac Overview

Fix ABS, TCS OFF, Service Stabilitrac issues on GM vehicles I’m not aware of any other car maker besides GM that’s had so many ABS, TCS OFF, Service Stabilitrac issues. It would be nice if there were a single common link to all of these problems, but GM has managed to screw up in every possible way. Depending on the year, make and model, your ABS, TCS OFF, Service Stabilitrac issues could be cause by rust, broken wires, software bugs, fragile wiring harness, faulty steering angle sensors or, get this, … Read More

Impala C0035, C0040, ABS, TCS

Diagnose and fix Impala C0035, C0040, ABS, TCS GM has issued a service bulletin PIC5992A regarding a C0035, C0040, ABS TCS issue on the vehicles listed below. 2007 – 2013 Chevrolet Impala 2014 – 2016 Chevrolet Impala Limited 2007 – 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix 2007 – 2009 Buick Lacrosse Description of the ABS light on or TCS light on problem You may notice the ABS light on or TCS light when turning. GM has identified a possible wiring harness issue running to the wheel speed sensors. The sensor or wiring … Read More

ABS TCS light on

How to fix an ABS or TCS light on Many early 2000 model GM vehicles use the Bosch 5.3 ABS TCS unit. If you have an ABS TCS light on with low power, read this post. In addition to ABS, the also controls the traction control. The system watches the wheel speed sensors and if it sees a skid, If so, it operates the ABS. Ttraction control also uses a steering angle sensor a yaw sensor and an accelerometer. The system compares the angle of the steering wheel (the direction … Read More

Toyota ABS goes off with no snow or ice

Fix Toyota ABS that goes off with no snow or ice If your ABS system activates while slowing down, but there’s not snow or ice on the road, you may think you have a bad wheel speed sensor. You might. But you should first examine the toothed “tone” ring for chips, cracks, scratches, and even rust buildup. All vehicles using a tone ring can be sensitive to those kinds of ABS problems. But it seems Toyotas are extra sensitive. As the tone ring turns, each tooth induces or interrupts (depending … Read More

Trac off light on

Trac off light on and ABS light on GM vehicles Shops are reporting huge failure rates on ABS sensors in some late model GM vehicles. When the ABS system detects a fault the computer lights the ABS light and turns off the traction control notifying you with a trac off light on. The problem with the ABS light and Trac off light on is most often a bad ABS sensor inside with the wheel bearing/hub. These sensors are made in two styles: Exterior ABS wheel speed sensor This style ABS … Read More

ABS light on U2100 Equinox

Fix code ABS light on U2100 Equinox If you run into this situation where you have these indicator lights and cannot communicate with the PCM or BCM, don’t freak out. You’ve run into this problem before-on your desktop computer. The multiple computers in your car have become confused and are locked into an endless loop called “logic lock.” To fix the problem, you have to “reboot” the computers. Disconnect both positive and negative battery cables. Touch them together for 30 seconds to drain all capacitors in the system. Then reconnect … Read More

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