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Adaptive memory — Retain while changing battery

Adaptive memory — What is adaptive memory Each engine control module (ECM), powertrain control module (PCM), electronic control module (ECU)  and transmission control module (TCM) and other accessory modules are loaded with factory programming during its initial build. As you drive the vehicle and the engine and transmission wear, the modules make adjustments to the factory programming to account for the wear. These adjustments are referred to as adaptive memory. The modifications are held in “volatile” memory chips, which means they require power to retain the data. If your battery … Read More

Adaptive memory

What is adaptive memory? As powertrain and engine control modules (PCM/ECM) incorporate feedback from a network of sensors, the computers change fuel delivery requirements based on engine RPM, load, and expected versus actual engine performance. The PCM/ECM then calculate adjustments to be stored in long term memory for future use. This long term memory is referred to as adaptive memory since it’s really a learned modification based on actual conditions. Once a PCM/ECM accumulates these modifications, it refers to them on subsequent engine starts and refers to “lookup tables” so … Read More

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