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Ball joint

What is a ball joint? The job of a ball joint The ball joint sits on the outer triangular end of the control arm and acts as a pivoting joint to attach the steering knuckle to the vehicle. The ball and socket arrangement allows the steering knuckle to rotate left and right, while simultaneously allowing the knuckle to move up and down. Ball joints consist of a hardened steel ball, a tapered stud shaft and a hardened steel casing filled with grease. A protective rubber boot connects to the casing … Read More

Ball joint replacement

What is a ball joint and how does it fail? What is a ball joint? It’s is a ball-and-socket device that connects the suspension control arm to the steering knuckle. The ball-and-socket design allows the steering knuckle to rotate left and right and move up and down as it encounters road bumps. The joint is lubricated with chassis grease and the grease is held in place with a protective rubber boot. The joint can be attached to the control arm by rivets or nuts and bolts, or pressed into the … Read More

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