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How to choose the best brake pads

How to choose the best brake pads for your vehicle by Rick Muscoplat This is a multi-part series on how to choose a new set of brake pads for your vehicle. There are many factors to consider. This is the intro section. Part 2: What are the different types of pads? Read this Part 3: What are the different quality levels and what does “OE” really mean. Find out here. Part 4: Brake rotors comes in different quality levels too. What’s the difference between an economy and premium brake rotor? … Read More

Who makes the best brake pads

What brake pads should I buy? Are the best brake pads, organic, semi-metallic, or ceramic? Friends always ask me if they should “upgrade” to ceramic pads because “aren’t they the best pads you can buy?” Well, not necessary. The problem with recommending brake pads is that, while there are Federal standards for brake parts on new cars and trucks, there are NO standards for aftermarket part. And there are no standards for what qualifies as “ceramic.” I’ve seen ceramic pads for as low as $14 a set and as high … Read More

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