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Blower motor doesn’t work GM vehicles

Fix for Blower motor doesn’t work GM has issued a service bulletin PIT5383C to address a blower motor doesn’t work condition on the vehicles listed below. There are multiple symptoms associated with this issue: • The HVAC controls don’t work. Lights on the HVAC controls may blink or not even light up. •  The HVAC controls don’t correspond to the HVAC state. For example, the temp may blow cold even when the setting is set to full hot. Or, it may blow air towards your feet when set to defrost … Read More

Blower motor doesn’t work GM

Blower motor doesn’t work or won’t change speeds GM has issued a service bulletin #PIT5343 to address a situation where the Blower Motor doesn’t work at startup or won’t change speeds at startup. The bulletin affects the following vehicles: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2015 Chevrolet Silverado, Colorado 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 2015 GMC Sierra, Canyon With Manual HVAC (RPO C67 or C42) How the blower motor problem appears If you own one of the vehicles listed above and notice that the blower motor doesn’t work when you start the engine, … Read More

AC doesn’t work Honda Acura

Fix AC doesn’t work Honda Acura AC compressor doesn’t work, blower motor doesn’t work on Honda, Acura Honda and Acura air conditioning systems are set up so the AC compressor will not kick in if there’s a problem with the blower motor. You cannot fix the AC problem until you resolve the blower motor problem first. A blower motor problem will set a trouble code in the climate control system. To get variable speed, Honda doesn’t use a blower motor resistor block. Instead, it uses a blower motor power transistor. … Read More

Blower Motor Honda

How to fix a problem Blower Motor on Honda The blower motor circuitry in Hondas is much different than the traditional switch/resistor setup found in other vehicles. Power flows to a blower motor relay first. When you turn the key to on the relay provides power directly to the blower motor. Switch the fan on tells the heater control unit to send a pulsed voltage signal to the power transistor. By pulsing the transistor, the control unit is literally switching the blower motor ground connection on and off several times … Read More

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