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Brake light doesn’t work

Brake light doesn’t work — How to fix The brake light circuit used to be pretty simple. It consisted of a brake light fuse, brake switch, wiring harness, brake light socket and brake light bulb. Power would flow from the brake light fuse to the brake  switch. When you applied the brake, the brake switch would send power to one of the two filaments in the brake light bulb. If you’ve changed the bulb and your brake light still doesn’t light up, remove the bulb and check for battery power … Read More

ABS light on U2100 Equinox

Fix code ABS light on U2100 Equinox If you run into this situation where you have these indicator lights and cannot communicate with the PCM or BCM, don’t freak out. You’ve run into this problem before-on your desktop computer. The multiple computers in your car have become confused and are locked into an endless loop called “logic lock.” To fix the problem, you have to “reboot” the computers. Disconnect both positive and negative battery cables. Touch them together for 30 seconds to drain all capacitors in the system. Then reconnect … Read More

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