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Chevy Silverado misfire

Fix Chevy Silverado misfire Some Chevy Silverado owners with the 4.8L may encounter an intermittent P0300 misfire trouble code, along with excessive emissions, poor idle quality, hesitation, and stalling. You would normally start by checking your Chevy Silverado fuel trim with a scan tool. But several shops report problems with an intermittent and corroded ground connection that can cause all these problems on the 4.8L engine. The misfire condition may appear during turns or any time the engine moves in it’s mounts. So before checking all the usual suspect like … Read More

Chevy Silverado won’t start

How to diagnose and fix a Chevy Silverado start problem Some Chevy Silverado owners with the 4.3 engine complain that it won’t start. The Chevy Silverado won’t start issue symptoms are: engine will crank but won’t fire up. Since it cranks, that eliminates the battery, charging system, and starter. Why won’t the engine fire up? To fire up an engine needs the right cranking speed, spark and fuel. In this 4.3 engine the ignition control module (ICM)  is in the distributor. It’s also the crankshaft position sensor (CKP). The powertrain … Read More

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