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How to clean your engine

How to clean your engine and engine bay On auto forums I often see people asking why their engine won’t start after they’ve power washed their engine. Well, there are safe ways to clean your engine and engine bay and not so safe ways. I’ll go through the steps you must take to prevent damage to electrical and plastic components on your engine and in your engine bay. What you need to clean an engine and engine bay Spray degreaser Oil absorbing pads for under the engine Nylon scrub brush … Read More

How to clean an engine

Tips for how to clean an engine Dust, dirt, oil, and grease can make your engine and entire engine compartment look like crap. So many DIYers decide to clean their engines. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can screw things up royally. There are many components under the hood that can be damaged by degreasers and water. So I’ll bring you up to speed on how to clean an engine the safe way. Tip #1 Never clean an engine with a power washer It sounds like a … Read More

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