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Coolant types

Coolant types — five most common coolants The old standby — Green IAT coolant Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) coolant IAT coolant was used for decades. It’s green. It’s comprised of approximately 95 ethylene glycol or polypropylene glycol and an anti-corrosive and water pump lubricant package using silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrites or amines. The anti-corrosive additive package in IAT coolants was designed to protect cast iron engines, steel heat tubing and copper radiators. How does IAT coolant work? The Silicate or phosphate additives deposit on the walls of all the metals … Read More

Dangers of mixing different coolants

Dangers of mixing different coolants Why you should never mix different types of coolants. Carmakers know the types of metals used in their cooling system along with the different types of plastics, rubber and gasketing materials. The coolant they choose must be compatible with all those materials. But not all coolant types are compatible with all types of metals, plastics, rubber and gasketing materials. In fact, if the wrong coolant is added to an engine, the additives can actually accelerate corrosion and damage the plastic, rubber and gasketing materials. Mixing … Read More

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