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Dexos Oil

Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 Dexos is General Motors Corporation (GM) international standard for engine oils suitable for use in their ranges of fuel-efficient, low emission engines. GM licenses several oil companies to make and sell Dexos oil based on their specifications. Dexos™ 1 is for gasoline engines meeting ILSAC GF-5 Resource Conserving specifications. This has recently been updated to Dexos™ 1 GEN 2 for even better engine protection particularly against LSPI (Low Speed Pre Ignition) in GM vehicles. Dexos™ 2 is for Diesel and some gasoline vehicles and meets … Read More

Synthetic oil

Should I use Synthetic oil Lately I’ve seen lots of discussions on auto help forums regarding synthetic oil. I’m not surprised that many of those comments comes from Amzoil dealers. They’re extremely loyal to their brand. I’m not going to diss Amzoil–it’s a good product. But it’s important to keep in mind that Amzoil isn’t a refiner (as far as I know). They buy base synthetic oil on the open market. The same is true of Royal Purple. Just because they don’t refine their base oil themselves doesn’t make them … Read More

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