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erratic gauges

How to fix erratic gauges I see lots of posts on car forums where the poster has really strange electrical problems like erratic gauges or the the blower will only work when the brakes are applied, or lights work only when certain other electrical accessories are either on or off. Most DIYers automatically assume these electrical problems are caused on the power side of the electrical device. In almost all cases, it turns out to be on the ground side. Car makers install multiple grounding points in every vehicle. They … Read More

Dead blower motor on Caravan

My blower motor doesn’t work on Caravan Most problems with blower motors are related to a bad resistor block. But if you’re unlucky enough to have a different problem, here’s how to troubleshoot. Here are the system basics. Chrysler has power flowing to the blower motor at all times when the key is on. The ground is provided through the fan switch and resistor block. There are two fuses for the blower motor. Fuse #12 (10A) sends power into the Power Distribution Center (PDC) on a white wire. Inside the … Read More

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