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Ford Escape Misfire Codes

Fix Ford Escape Misfire Codes If you have Ford Escape Misfire Codes read this. At first glance this would appear to be a coil problem—coils are under the most stress under load. P0351 means a misfire on cylinder #1. Power is provided to the coils on the white/violet wire. The PCM provides ground to each coil on a different color wire . Start your diagnostics by checking for 12 volts (key in RUN position, but engine off) on the white/violet wire to the coil shown in the trouble code. If you … Read More

Ford ignition coil problems

Fix Ford ignition coil problems Many shops are reporting a large number Ford ignition coil problems. The majority of the Ford ignition coil problems are directly related to customers WASHING their engines. Water can seep into the spark plug hole where engine heat turns it into steam and damages the coil. Here are some rules to prevent the problem: 1) Never wash the engine unless you cover the coils 2) Always replace spark plug boots when you change plugs. 3) Always replace the spark plug when you replace a coil … Read More

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