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Fuel gauge wrong

My fuel gauge is wrong The fuel level sending unit is located inside the fuel tank. It has a float attached to an arm that rides up and down with your fuel level. The arm moves in an arc along a variable resistor that changes the voltage. In the old days, the dashboard fuel gauge responded directly to the amount of voltage it received from the fuel level sending unit. However, in late model vehicles, the variable voltage gets sent to a body control module (BCM) or generic electronic module … Read More

Fuel gauge not working

Fuel gauge not working or wrong If your fuel gauge doesn’t work at all or is reporting the wrong fuel level, the problem is either a bad fuel sending unit or a wiring harness issue. How the fuel gauge works The fuel sending unit consists of a variable resistor, a flow and float arm. The fuel sending unit in fuel injected vehicle is built into the fuel pump module. The float rides on top of the fuel. As the fuel level changes, the float arm moves in the variable resistor … Read More

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