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Fuel gauge wrong

My fuel gauge is wrong The fuel level sending unit is located inside the fuel tank. It has a float attached to an arm that rides up and down with your fuel level. The arm moves in an arc along a variable resistor that changes the voltage. In the old days, the dashboard fuel gauge responded directly to the amount of voltage it received from the fuel level sending unit. However, in late model vehicles, the variable voltage gets sent to a body control module (BCM) or generic electronic module … Read More

Gas gauge wrong

My gas gauge reading is wrong This problem shows up as a gas gauge that shows Gas gauge wrong, different fuel levels, needle swings, shows empty when actually full, or any number of other crazy behaviors. There are two known causes for this problem. But first, let’s take a stroll back in time. In the old days the fuel sending unit had a variable resistor attached to a float arm. As the float arm went up and down, so did the voltage to the gauge. To troubleshoot the system, all you … Read More

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