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What is a heater core?

How does a heater core work and what makes it fail? A heater core is nothing more than a small radiator located in the cabin of your vehicle. As your engine runs, the water pump pull in cold coolant from the bottom of the radiator at the front of your car and forces it through your engine from the bottom up. The coolant absorbs engine heat and flows out the top of the engine into the heater core under your dash. There, a blower fan blows cabin air across the … Read More

Chevrolet Cobalt Overheats

My Chevrolet Cobalt Overheats There’s quite a bit of overheating chatter about this vehicle on tech forums about Chevrolet Cobalt Overheats. If the cooling fans come on, try bypassing the heater core with a length of heater hose. If the problem goes away, you’ve got a plugged heater core. Also, check the hose from the engine to the overflow (surge) tank to make sure it’s not plugged. If the cooling fan doesn’t come on, check the #1 (30A) fuse in the underhood fuse box. If that’s good, move on to … Read More

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