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Backprobe an electrical connector

How to backprobe an electrical connector and test an electrical circuit When you’re checking live voltage readings on sensors, the challenge is How to backprobe an electrical connector. Some pros stick a pin through the wire. But these piercing claws from Ferret make the job much easier. Isolate the wire carrying the signal you want to monitor. Then position the wire in the cradle of the “claw.” Screw the piercing probe into the wire and then attach the lead from your digital multi-meter into the end of the Ferret Claw. … Read More

Replace O2 Sensor

How to replace an O2 sensor Most people automatically assume an O2 sensor trouble code means they should replace the oxygen sensor. They immediately want to know how to replace an oxygen sensor. However, if you jump to that conclusion without actually testing the sensor, you could be wasting your money. Take a minute to understand how an O2 sensor works and how they go bad. What causes an O2 sensor trouble code? Oxygen sensor trouble codes start with P0130 and go up to P0167. Newer style air/fuel ratio sensors … Read More

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