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How to choose a mobile mechanic

How to choose a mobile mechanic In 2019 the automotive service industry is facing a severe technician shortage of almost 80,000 qualified technicians. Service bays at many dealers and independent shops are sitting empty because they owners can’t find enough qualified technicians. Yet, three companies, YourMechanic, Wrench And RepairSmith have started mobile mechanic businesses staffed with either full-time or free-lance mobile mechanics. In addition, Craigslist is filled with ads from solo mobile mechanics. How can you tell if you’re getting a qualified mobile mechanic or a hack who simply couldn’t … Read More

Should you hire a mobile mechanic?

Should you use a mobile mechanic? Mobile mechanics have been around for decades. In the past, they were typically one-man-show self employed technicians that advertised on Craigslist and offered to repair your vehicle in your driveway. But things are changing as more companies get into the mobile mechanic business. Then came companies like YourMechanic, Seattle-based Wrench and RepairSmith in California. These are basically marketing organizations that advertise auto repair services to be do at your home. They book the appointments and hand the billing. Then they hire technicians either as … Read More

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