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No lights, power windows, heat, or A/C

Why don’t my lights or power windows or heat work? In the old days of auto repair all electrical problems could be solved with a new switch, wire, socket, or solder. Now we’re in a digital age and car makers have opted to switch electrical loads via digital communications. So you wind up with no lights, no power windows, no heat, or no A/C, you should certainly check the fuses, bulbs, and switches. Then you can check the relay in the fuse box. But if that doesn’t solve the problem, … Read More

Buick stalling problems

Fix Buick stalling problems This vehicle may exhibit crazy starting patterns and electrical behavior like No start stall Buick. The vehicle may stall or not start. At the same time you may experience inoperative power windows and door locks. The problem is most often caused by a bad ground wire. Start your diagnostics by checking the ground splice in the driver’s door area under the carpeting. Look for corrosion. If you find it, clean it up and splice in new wires. Also check and clean the ground connection in the … Read More

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