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Replace oil pressure sensor

How to replace an oil pressure sensor yourself How an oil pressure sensor works An oil pressure sensor can fail as it ages. They screw into an oil passage in the engine and the oil pressure pushes against a rubber diaphragm, moving it against a spring loaded switch. Most are calibrated to turn on your oil pressure light when the oil pressure falls below 7-psi. How oil pressure sensors fail Oil pressure sensors, also called oil pressure sending units, can fail in two ways; the diaphragm, spring or switch age … Read More


P0522 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Switch Circuit Low Voltage If your vehicle displays a P0522 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Switch Circuit Low Voltage trouble code, read this article for the fix. The vehicle computer is detecting a constantly low voltage from the oil pressure sensing device. This does NOT automatically mean you’ve got an oil pressure problem. The most likely causes are a bad sensor or a wiring problem. Start by checking the connection. If that’s good, replace the sensor.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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