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Hyundai Sante FE won’t start

No start Hyundai Sante FE No start Hyundai SanteFE, P0335 and P1372 A. The two codes you scanned are P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) Circuit Malfunction and P1372 Segment Time Acquisition Incorrect. In layperson’s terms, the P1372 is a misfire. But don’t start replacing spark plugs and ignition coils yet. The engine computer detects cylinder misfires by monitoring the “rate of revolution” using the CKP. If the computer commands the spark plugs and injectors to fire, it expects to see crankshaft rotate at a predictable rate, with each cylinder contributing … Read More

P0335 P0340 Toyota

Fix code P0335 P0340 Toyota vehicles Toyota has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) to address trouble codes P0335 P0340 Toyota cars and trucks- 1994-2010. If you own one of these vehicles and have a check engine light and either of these codes P0335 Crank Sensor Circuit or P0340 Cam Sensor Circuit, do NOT rush out to replace the sensors without first checking cranking speed and battery voltage. Test the battery to ensure that it has at least 11 volts before cranking. If it doesn’t the starter may not crank … Read More

P0332 Circuit Low Input (Bank 2)

Fix code P0332 Circuit Low Input (Bank 2) Also P0335 and P0340 If you think you should replace the knock sensor after getting this code, think again. This is a perfect example of where a sensor can be telling the truth and the root cause of the problem is somewhere else. Here’s the scoop. Most late model engine use variable valve timing to change the opening and closing timing of the valves. The device that actually changes the valve timing is called the cam phaser (yeah, like on Star Treck). … Read More

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