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Car stalls and has rough idle

Fix stalling and rough idle Taurus Sable P0191, P0300-p0306, P0316, P2197, stalling, hesitation, rough idle, poor performance. This could be caused by lots of things but the key might be the P0191 Fuel rail pressure sensor condition code. Because if the fuel rail isn’t getting enough fuel pressure, the air/fuel mixture will be lean and that will cause misfires and hesitation. It would also cause the O2 sensor to read lean. So start with the basics like a fuel pressure and fuel volume test. Or, you can start on the … Read More


Fix code P2197 Oxygen air fuel sensor signal stuck lean Bank 2, Sensor 1 This is a manufacturer-specific trouble code for Toyota vehicles. It refers to the air-fuel sensor. The air-fuel sensor in Toyota vehicles is a more sophisticated oxygen sensor than you’ll find on other makes. It’s more expensive too, so don’t automatically assume that you can get by with throwing a new one in. The sensor could be telling you the truth and you really do have a lean condition going on.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

P0171 P0174 P2195 P2197 – Toyota

Fix trouble codes P0171 P0174 P2195 P2197 – Toyota Some 2005-06 Camry’s and Solaras may set any or all of these codes: P0171 P0174 P2195 P2197 P0171 (System Too Lean [Bank 1]), P0174 (System Too Lean [Bank 2]), P2195 (Oxygen [A/F] Sensor Signal Stuck Lean [Bank 1, Sensor 1]), P2197 (Oxygen [A/F] Sensor Signal Stuck Lean [Bank 2, Sensor 1]). The problem has been traced to a faulty Air Fuel (A/F) sensor. If you have these codes, check your VIN code first because the problem covered by this TSB (#EG061-05)was … Read More

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