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Power steering fluid flush cost?

How often do you need a power steering fluid flush So your shop recommended a power steering fluid flush. Well, shops routinely recommend a power steering fluid flush every few years, even though many car brands never list power steering fluid changes in their maintenance guide. So what gives? Does the fluid wear out or doesn’t it? And, if it does, why wouldn’t the car makers want you to change it? And most importantly, what are normal power steering fluid flush costs? Do you need a power steering fluid flush … Read More

Maintenance schedule service rip-off

Is scheduled maintenance a rip-off Every car maker publishes a maintenance schedule and shops LOVE to push maintenance schedule service because they make oodles of money. Many of the items on the check list are for inspections. Inspect the brakes, inspect the belts, inspect the fasteners, etc. You should have all of these maintenance items done. However, 90% of these inspections and services can be performed by a low level technician. You do not need to pay $100/hr for an ASE Certified Master Technician to check the air pressure in … Read More

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