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Brake line splice

Brake line splice instructions You’ve got two options to replace rusted brake lines If you have a rusted brake line you’ve got just two options: Option #1: Purchase pre-bent brake lines Order replacement brake line from the dealer or order a set of pre-bent brake lines online or, Option #2: Splice in a new brake line section Buy a coil of copper/nickle brake line and perform a brake line splice. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. Contrary to online folklore, it IS legal to splice in a new … Read More

Replace rusted brake lines

Get pre-bent brake lines for Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Avalanche We’re seeing a pretty large increase in rusted brake lines. If you have rusted brake lines, you can be looking at a pretty sizable repair bill. Dealers usually don’t carry replacement brake lines for older vehicles. So many shops buy replacement brake line in coils and replaces the rusted brake lines by bending new ones, so you pay straight time labor and that can add up fast. But you can buy pre-formed brake line kits online. They’re bent to factory specs, have … Read More

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